Friday, May 26, 2006

Belatedly, A Map of the "Next Hipster Haven," AKA Gowanus

We love a cool map, so we figured, why not post the map of Gowanus and information that went with Mary Huhn's wonderful Gowanus story in yesterday's Post, about which we enthused at length yesterday both here and on Curbed?

As you can see "Next Hipster Haven" (has a cool ring to it, no?) covers some of the happening spots in the nabe, including the Box Factory where Proteus Gowanus is located and the Empty Vessel Project.

Also noted are the Gowanus Dredgers, who will happily let you explore the Big G via canoe if you're brave enough to strap up with a life vest and get in there.

Then, come the planned developments, including Gowanus Village, the Toll Brothers development and, our favorite and most anxiously-awaited, the Whole Foods on Third Street, even though the Red Hook Fairway does scratch the itch quite nicely.

Check out the map online.


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