Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Coney Island Boardwalk Repair Mystery

Answer us this: How is it that the repairs to the Coney Island boardwalk, which have been underway since the dead of winter, aren't complete yet? In fact, the badly-needed boardwalk upgrade seems to be so far from done that it appears it will be going most of the summer. (Or, maybe there will be a miracle push to finish the work between now and July 4.)

That, at least, is Gowanus Lounge's conclusion after a Memorial Day visit to Coney revealed the boardwalk work that we figured would be done in time for the summer season is still ongoing, with a big chunk of boardwalk in front of Astroland torn up and boards that originated in Peru (marked "New York City, USA") sitting piled behind the fencing. (Now we know where boardwalks come from.)

Worse than the ongoing repair work--we suppose boardwalk repair is a tedious job--is the fact that the unrepaired portions of the boardwalk are a hazard. Boards are splintering. Boards are loose. Some boards are kind of like teeter-totters--you step on one end and the opposite end goes up. (Free fun for the kids! They really seem to dig it.) GL watched at least two people trip on some of the nasty boardwalk boards within 60 seconds.

So, several questions: Is the world's slowest contractor at fault or are Parks Department employees doing the job? Or, is the work actually supposed to take all summer? And, how many trip-and-fall accidents and lawsuits is the city going to be dealing with by, say, July 4. (Attention ambulance chasers: Hang out between Astroland and Shoot the Freak. You'll be glad you did. This is a sure thing.)



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