Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gowanus Lounge Outdoor Living Series

What better time than a sunny and warm Memorial Day weekend Sunday than to dig into Gowanus Lounge's collection of brand new photos and bring you our latest installment in the Outdoor Living Series.

We call this one "Making Creative Use of Brooklyn While it is Under Construction."

Today's version of Outdoor Living features simplicity at it's finest. Some used up office furniture that has seen better days, a bottle of liquid refreshment (already consumed) and a bit of oh-so-nice shade provided by construction scaffolding, allowing one to avoid those nasty UV rays.

This vista comes from Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, but can easily be replicated anywhere in Brooklyn.

So, with the temp heading for the 80s, get that furniture out on the sidewalk, put the Strokes or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the MP3 player accessory sound dock, drag out the grill and celebrate Memorial Day Weekend Sunday the right way: Out in the streets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what else would one need? seating, shade, suds. the makings of a perfect weekend.

1:25 PM  

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