Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day Fun: Water Taxi Beach Reopens for the Season

Okay, so Water Taxi Beach--the big parking lot on the East River in Hunters Point in Long Island City into which sand was trucked to create an urban "beach"--is last year's news. But, as of 4PM today, the Beach is open for the season. Ah, summer! Hours on Memorial Day Weekend are Noon-Midnight. Admission to the "beach" is free, but depending on when you show up, you may have to pay for parking (if you go by car.) It's at 2-03 Borden Avenue in Long Island City, across from the old power plant (which is no longer the landmark it was after its smokestacks were removed last year). If you can find high rise buildings across from Gantry State Park, you're practically at Water Taxi Beach. You can also take the 7 Train or the G to Long Island City. Otherwise, you can take--what else?--New York Water Taxi. (There's new service to Fairway in Red Hook too.)

There's a beachy burgers and fries menu (veggie options) with drinks. No outside food allowed. Needless to say, no swimming. (But, you can head to one of the piers at Gantry State Park and fish if a desperate self-destructive urge motivates you.)


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