Friday, May 26, 2006

Williamsburg Not Feeling the Clear Channel Vibe at McCarren Pool?

It was only a matter of time before indie-minded Williamsburg objected to media conglomerate-produced concerts at McCarren pool. "Clear Channel paid off the parks department to take over the McCarren Park pool site for a series of 6-10 $30 concerts (+ $14 service fee) this summer," writes one emailer from the Not an Alternative arts collective. Objections run the range from the obliteration of the graffiti that made the pool one of Brooklyn's more post-apocalyptic spots to the lack of community events. Quoting:
So it brings 6000+ folks, mostly NOT local, to see Tom Petty and "alternative rocks acts". They pillage our hood, our culture, make bank, we see none of it, there goes the neighborhood (again)...What about local bands?? Why can't Todd P book shows there?? What about the Polish or Latino communities...shows that they would come to? Or discounted seats for locals? Or how about WHAT THE FUCK IS CLEAR CHANNEL DOING IN OUR PARK? Williamsburg is an incubator for the indie rock scene. There's so much good talent here. The community fought to save the historic pool from demolition, and to preserve it as a community arts venue (or a pool again). Now local talent and the local population don't benefit, Clear Channel and the promoters do. And we had no say in the matter. How many of us can afford $44 tickets??...Call the parks department and Councilman Yaasky to complain. He's running for congress, so now's a good time to pipe up. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, (212) 360-1311. Councilman David Yaasky, 718-875-5200.
Gowanus Lounge does not come to this with clean hands. We admit gladly taking in "Agora" at the pool last fall. Even worse, we copped tix to see Bloc Party in late July at McCarren. After service fees, "convenience charges" and the like, two tickets came to a few cents under $100.


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