Monday, June 05, 2006

New Brooklyn Bridge Park Images

Over at Curbed, Lockhart Steele dug around the newly-launched One Brooklyn Bridge Park website and found a wealth of new images and renderings. (One Brooklyn Bridge Park is the Jehovah's Witness building at Fuhrman Street now surrounded by scaffolding at street level.) Last week, of course, the Port Authority turned over most of the property on which the park will be built to New York State. And, Robert A.M. Stern's firm is currently working on design guidelines for the controversial developments that will finance the park. There is a lawsuit challenging development plans, too.

In any case, the new drawings and website will be of interest to anyone trying to develop a mental image of what the park and waterfront will look like when all the construction is finished. Interestingly, they do not many hints of any other development that will be part of the park project, namely a 17-story building, several other buildings of 6-10 stories and either two 20-story buildings or a 30-story building and a 14-story building at Atlantic Avenue. If you want to know what Brooklyn Bridge Park will look like with those buildings as part of the picture, you will have to continue to use your imagination. The One Brooklyn Bridge Park building appears in the drawing below.


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