Saturday, June 03, 2006

Real Art = Real Estate in LIC

Okay, so we're crossing Newtown Creek into Hunter's Point, but GL can't pass up a show called "Real Art=Real Estate." It's happening at a collaborative gallery-shop called Art-O-Mat at 46-46 Vernon Boulevard within site of the huge dust clouds emanating from the huge Queens West development in Long Island City. We stumbled into Art-O-Mat, which is full of very cool Long Island City paraphernalia among other things, one cold winter day shortly after it opened last year. The storefront on Vernon Boulevard (AKA "the new Smith Street") is donated by a local business.

The space contains a small art gallery, which is hosting the "Real Art=Real Estate" show "in response to the way real estate development is transforming our neighborhoods." The gallery rented wall space to artist ($25 per 14 x 14 inch parcel of "sunny, cozy space with ground floor access).

The show runs through June 25. Hours are from 12-7 on Fridays and Saturdays, and 12-5 on Sundays.


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Blogger FridaK said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. As the curator of Art-O-Mat's intimate gallery (and one of the four principals running the thing), I was delighted to see the response we got from artists that entered work in Real Art = Real Estate. Since there are 58 new projects going up in Hunters Point this year alone, the issue is still a pressing one.

By the way, I love your website. It seems like there's not enough time in the day to read everything you write about.

1:00 AM  

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