Monday, July 10, 2006

Clear Channel Opponents Plot Next McCarren Pool Moves


Those that attended yesterday's cool free McCarren Pool show might have gotten a flyer on the way out from some people promoting a new group called Pool-Aid. Pool-Aid is having a meeting tonight at Union Pool (484 Union Ave.) at 8PM and the flyer invites interested parties to "Come plot and scheme. Help make some noise this summer." At issue is the pricey concert series being produced by Clear Channel Communications subsidiary Live Nation, which controls a massive share of the live music market and radio in New York and other cities.

The flyer says, "Help Pool-Aid Man save McCarren Pool from the dastardly Clear Channel" and objects to "$52 tickets for shows in a public park."

Since Clear Channel's series at McCarren is a done deal this summer, we're assuming the group is interested in protesting and in trying to find ways to prevent it from becoming a permanent thing because, as noted in onNYTurf, the pool's future is still very much open for discussion.

Pool Aid's website isn't up and running yet, but we await news of the plans.

While Gowanus Lounge thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's free concert at the Pool and the friendly neighborhood vibe, more than once, we felt the strong sun, glanced about the pool and imagined it full of water. (This is not an unnatural reaction when you are standing in a huge, empty pool in July.) We also sat by the old diving pool, filled with dirt, and imagined a time when people jumped off the diving platform. GL thinks the pool's ultimate destiny should be a community recreation venue that includes, well, a pool. Money the Parks Department raises through contracts with corporate heavies like Clear Channel should be dedicated to making McCarren a pool again. In this lifetime.


Blogger Tavia said...

Absolutely. I went yesterday and it was my first time in the venue. I had a hard time imagining that hanging out in an empty pool would be cool until I saw how fucking huge it was! A truly New York scale pool! Probably too big to ever resurrect in the same scale, but even a smaller pool in the venue would be great

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