Monday, August 21, 2006

Clifton Place Building Rally Draws Diverse Crowd

The Clinton Hill-Bed Stuy rally protesting that new building on Clifton Place and the dangerous demolition practices on the property drew a diverse crowd and some media coverage yesterday, according to the Clinton Hill blog. Organizers keyed on the buildings excessive heights (12 story in a nabe where the maximum is currently five stories), the reckless demolition and the rudeness of developers to neighbors. (We wrote at length about the situation on Friday.)

According to the Clinton Hill Blog:
No one would rather look at an abandoned lot filled with garbage over a tastefully-done new building. It's the way the developer is going about it that's deplorable! I laud the efforts of area residents to keep the site SAFE and the resulting building tasteful. One of the best parts of the rally was the sheer diversity of the attendees - young and old of a variety of races and backgrounds. It's one of the area's best strengths.
Demolition at the site was halted on Friday because crews were doing a mechanical demolition without a permit.

[The photo is courtesy of the Clinton Hill Blog.]


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