Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gratuitous Rumor Mill: Is Gowanus Whole Foods Toast or Growing?


Last week, we walked past the Whole Foods site in Gowanus (or is it Park Slope?) for one of our periodic looks to see what's happening or not happening with one of Brooklyn's more eagerly anticipated grocery stores. (It should add at least 2-3 percent to asking prices in Park Slope and launch the Gowanus boom.) What we found was a site on which nothing has happened in months, a wasteland of empty nothingness. Except that vegetation now appears to be growning in the huge pool of water from groundwater seepage that we call Lake Gowanus.

The adjacent properties are vacant, and part of the former Red Hook Crushers property was roped off with yellow tape because of a collapsing wall.

So, why are we relating this? Because a tipster emailed us to say that they understand the project is gourmet toast. As in, "I just heard a rumor that the Whole Foods at 3rd & Third isn't going to happen after all." Yes, we note the use of the word "rumor."

What's interesting is that a different tipster to Curbed, relating comments that Whole Foods' President/COO made at a meeting in San Francisco mentioned the opening of stores in Tribeca and at the Bowery & Houston, and even in London, but said nothing about Brooklyn. More likely, though, is that Whole Foods is getting ready to present its plans to expand the Third Avenue and Third Street site to include the adjacent properties, which has long been said to be the most logical option for building on the site. We do know that the Gowanus site has some fairly monstrous toxics issues, including "volatile organics," and that remediation will take some time, and that the earliest a store would open is 2008, which could be very optimistic.

Here's hoping that someone fills the obvious needs in the Brooklyn grocery market. Eventually, the trips to the Fairway in Red Hook are going to get old.

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Blogger @alyssa ettinger said...

why can't they just get us a trader joe's, is that so hard? there are tons of us who were here before it became unaffordable to live here and we can't afford the whole foods. i might be able to afford a lemon there.

it's not like either store is going to compete with the lousy pathmark, because i don't know of anyone in the nabe who actually shops there. i go there only for giant bags of cat litter.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Z. Madison said...

Since my key food closed for another damn CVS, I've been relying on www.freshdirect.com and will continue to do so.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of us in the artist community which thrives in the Gowanus area are thrilled about the delays. Go ahead and love the Fairway - it's local, the money it makes STAYS in NYC, and it actively recruits from the neighboring projects. WHOLE FOODS IS A BIG BOX STORE. They pay their workers less than the McDonalds down the block on 4th avenue. They also have NO UNION, unlike your local supermarket. If you care at all about this neighborhood, pray it never opens.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mizz Lo is correct-- while not ideal, Fairway is by far least of all evils. Motherfuck Whole Foods AND every CV Duane Rite Eckerd Shithole... The Pathmark is an interesting story & very odd scene for sure but don't get TOO classist about it. It's typical ghetto EXCEPT that, in the real ghetto, the West Indian (or Russian) demand for fish/produce/etc means a much MUCH better selection of stuff than a traditionally Italian or PR/Dominican Gowanus is used to. Please DO NOT support fucking Fresh Direct & their idling trucks & landfill friendly packaging, unless we can dump the trash in your apartment. Thanks for understanding.

Sally Konwicki
Nevins St, Gowanus

7:46 PM  

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