Thursday, November 30, 2006

Coney Island Deathwatch: More Eulogies

Astroland Burger Guy, Tagged, with Moon

Reaction to the sale of Astroland to developer Thor Equities is continuing. Here are some tidbits we've found here and there, from writers and bloggers we haven't linked to before:

1) No. No No No No No. No. I don't believe a word Thor Equities has said. I have no faith in their claims. I don't believe they wish to keep the amusements in Coney Island. Not when they claim their development will contain "the first roller coaster built in Coney Island since the Cyclone." (Hello, Jumbo Jet?) Not when their concept art is just that -- conceptual. And not when they're actively pursuing a giant mall/condo complex. Revitalizing a depressed area is one thing (and let's face it, Coney Island deserves all the revitalization it can get, especially year-round stuff) but not when it's one developer calling all the shots and buying up all the land. Yes, all the land. Today I learned of a big purchase they just made. Thor Equities is finishing the job that Robert Moses started over 40 years ago and Fred Trump, Donald's father, tried to finish as well. They're finally killing Coney Island. [Derspatchel/Live Journal]

2) The Beginning of the End. A major shoe has dropped in the redevelopment plans for Coney Island...I'm trying to stay positive. Coney Island's history is cyclical -- over the years it's gone through countless transformations, so perhaps this will just be another "phoenix moment" for the area. And anyway, the job's not done yet -- there are still zoning variances to slog through before "Joey" and his mallrats can do anything. To those who oppose what Thor is proposing, find out when the variance hearings are and SHOW UP. You might not be able to stop the wholesale gentrification and obliteration of Coney Island's history, but I know from experience that a few angry villagers can at least create some headaches and slow the process down. [Out and Back]

3) Coney Island (as you know it) R.I.P. it's hard for me to tell you how much this saddens me. [girlhattan]

4) Coney Island Only Has Until Summer '07 to Live. i m sad to announce that it was in the paper today that astroland in coney island bk will close after summer 2007,making this upcomin summer the last season open.This to me,was the last place in nyc that hasnt changed since it opened.Look back at the movie,The Warriors,and you can see very little has changed.My family all worked in astroland,running the wonder wheel and the cyclone,my father helped buid the boardwalk dock outside cyclone stadium.My earliest childhood memiores were of going there wit my brother mike and my parents,who have been seperated since i was 4.It killed me today to open the paper and see that there closing it to make a diney world knock off for tourists and upper class yuppie fucks from west bubble fuck.i was fortunate enough to spend my halloween in coney island with my close freinds and music makers.Preforming on the boardwalk to a very small crowd.but in all,it was defintily worth while.I plan on spending many nights there this upcoming summer,and encourage every one else to as well,espically those of you who somehow have never been.Hopefully we can pull anotha gig or 2 out of our ass for the summer, and rock a crowd in coney one last time RIP ASTROLAND CONEY ISLAND 1962-2007 [Phantom Enigma/My Space]



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