Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gowanus Back in the Day: Fourth Avenue Under Water

So, you've been ignoring all those maps that show what could happen in Gowanus (and Brooklyn generally) during a hurricane. A kind reader that saw our post of an old-time Gowanus photo yesterday emailed us some others. For the moment, we're going to post only a couple of them that show Fourth Avenue flooded by the Gowanus. Twice. Once in 1922 and once in 1947. Someday all those 12-story buildings going up on Fourth Avenue will have water views! We have two bits of advice: (1) Don't buy any lower than the second floor and (2) Very good hip waders.
1922 Flood
Gowanus Canal Floods Fourth Avenue, 1922

1947 Flood
Gowanus Canal Floods Fourth Avenue, 1947


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