Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Park Slopers Digging the Election Outcome

While many NYC neighborhoods could vie for the title of being the Most Anti-Bush, Park Slope is right at the top of the list. One almost expected fireworks to have been set off on the roof of the Park Slope Food Coop and they might have been, except that it's probably against the rules. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

In any case, Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn reports that "Park Slopers are reacting with joy to the results from last week's mid-term elections." To report a bit more:
At a dinner party on Saturday night someone said, "After the elections we have so much more in common with the rest of the country."

Who said that? It might have been me.

A palpable feeling of relief, the elections make Park Slopers feel like there's real consensus about the mess in Iraq...In a cab yesterday, returning home from Louis and Capathia's show at Joe's Pub, a friend said that her heart breaks for the family members of those soldiers who've died in Iraq...In the cab, we also discussed how we heard the cheering news of Rumsfeld's resignation. That event in tandem with the election results was a double whammy. News of his resignation spread through the city like wild fire. An actress friend heard the news over headphones just before the Wednesday matinee performance of a Broadway play. "Rumsfield has resigned," the stage manager told those who were listening. The night before, that same stage manager was delivering state-by-state results to the actors and tech crew.

I heard about it during the Leonard Lopate show on WNYC during my work shift at the Food Coop. Where were you when you heard that Rumsfeld resigned?
Us, we were sitting at our computer, blogging.


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