Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gowanus About to "Really be on Map"

Gowanus Holiday Inn Express

There's an interesting post over at the Gowanus Forum on that Brownstoner brought our attention to with a link. We've previously noted the building on Union Street near Nevins that is on the market, but the writer notes more sales, particularly a property at Third Avenue and President Street that will become "a hotel or motel of some kind." The post in full says:
Recent building zone changes have taken place in gowanus. If you drive down President between 4th Ave & Nevins St. you will see 3 factories for sale and the huge factory between 4th and 3rd ave has already been sold. The 24 hour dry cleaner on 3rd and Pres has been sold to a developer and is slated to be a hotel or motel of some kind. There is another factory on Union and Nevins for sale. I smell condos instead of the canal for a change.
We don't know of any other zoning changes in the neighborhood other than the Fourth Avenue rezoning that allowed 12-story buildings on both side of the avenue. We also know that most proposed condo projects in Gowanus would require a rezoning, although hotels can be built "as of right" as can projects like the Gowanus Whole Foods. And, of course, the last step before a lot of development starts is sale of the existing industrial buildings. If anyone knows more, by all means, shoot us an email at gowanuslounge (at) gmail (dot) com.


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