Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Homegrown Brooklyn Weed: Sex-Crazing Drug Menace in Coney Island and Dumbo

We found the this item about this old time drug hysteria article called "Marijuana: Sex-Crazing Drug Menace," in scouring the planet for items about Coney Island. It's over at the blog Modern Mechanix. Here's why it came to our attention: In the midst of all its amusing verbiage there is this tidbit:
Cultivated plots have also been found—and destroyed—in such unexpected districts as Coney Island and the so-called “jungle” near Brooklyn bridge.
Some research revealed that in 1934 the cops busted what is described as "a large field of marijuana growing near the Brooklyn Bridge." A Coney Island crop was found on West Third Street in July, 1936. Pot fields in Dumbo and Coney Island. Who knew? Maybe that is why Thor Equities is up to buying up all that land--they're going to turn them into weed-filled vacant lots.



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