Monday, December 11, 2006

Meet the Brooklyn Clothing Vancouver

Brooklyn Clothing Co

Remember Brooklyn-style Pizza? Well, here's Brooklyn clothing--the Brooklyn Clothing Co., to be exact. If you're thinking that it's in Brooklyn or Manhattan or the East Coast or, even, in the Lower 48, you're wrong. It's in Vancouver, Canada.

Dumbo NYC, the excellent Dumbo blog, brings it to Brooklyn's attention, noting that it's in "trendy Yaletown." Their slogan is "Get What You Want" and they only carry men's clothing. Here's a taste of their marketing pitch:
And cool stuff, too... clothes that normal guys will actually wear. No stretchy designer trousers... no sheer, sparkly, blouses either. Just THE freshest denim lines from Europe and the US, coupled with the coolest shirts and shoes.
All of which only goes to show you that Brooklyn's an excellent brand name.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks GL for the post. Cool to see the Brooklyn 'brand' going global...a trend I'm sure we'll see continue in '07.

10:03 AM  

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