Thursday, December 07, 2006

Revere Sugar Demolition Update

Revere Side View

Yesterday, we learned that Thor Equities, which owns Red Hook's iconic Revere Sugar factory had obtained permits for its demolition. Breeze demolition trucks have been spotted on the site for weeks, presumably carting off in advance of the wrecking ball. One source says the landmark Revere dome is due to be demolished on Friday.

A Thor executive had told Red Hook residents that the firm might preserve the dome and had also, at one point, expressed a desire to work with the community so that the project would not become contentious and be "another Atlantic Yards." Expressing shock that the developer was demolishing Revere, one source told GL that "We hoped to have a say" about Revere's future when discussion about rezoning the property took place.

Again, one source says the dome that has been a Red Hook waterfront landmark for generations is being demolished by Thor Equities tomorrow, but even if that's off by a few days, one of our favorite Brooklyn structures is toast, barring a miracle.


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