Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Revere Sugar Plant in Photos

Revere Sunset

[Revere Sugar, Circa April, 2006]

It is hard to imagine Red Hook without the Revere Sugar plant, although we're not going to have to imagine it thanks to Thor Equities. Over the last several years, sensing that the end would come at some point, we've shot hundreds of photos of it. Other local photogs have documented it too, and a lucky few have gotten inside. Sadly, in a few days, all we'll have are our photos, which will instantly become fodder for a future "Lost Red Hook" volume. We featured Soupflowers amazing inside photos of Revere this summer, and they're worth mentioning again, especially given the circumstances. Also, there's a new Revere Sugar Plant photo pool at flickr, started by the above mentioned Soupflowers. (Put your pics there if you've got some up on flickr. We just did.) Urban Exploration New York offers an amazing and evocative set of photos of this building, viewed from within. Also, check out Gary Jarvis' cool panorama of the plant, also over at flickr.

For some words and photos, there is, as usual, one definitive source--Forgotten NY. Check out "The Transoms of Red Hook."


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