Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Part III: Where the Tall Buildings Will Go

Brooklyn Bridge Park Map w Bldgs
So where would the development that will be used to pay for the park elements of the waterfront "civic and land use project" known as Brooklyn Bridge Park go? We concocted the above map to show the approximate location of the mixed-use hotel-residential complex (with up to 225 hotel rooms and 150 condos) that would go near Pier 1 where the old storage building is currently located, as well as the big highrises that would go in the "uplands" of Pier Six, more or less near the foot of Atlantic Avenue. None of this, of course, is news and the project plan has already been approved, but virtually all of the beautiful renderings of the park have studiously avoided including drawings of the high rises. So, it's always interesting to have a look.

There are two main condo options according to revised plan issued by the Empire State Development Corp. Option One includes a building 315 feet in height with up to 290 condo and a building of 155 feet with up to 140 condos. Option Two includes two buildings of 215 feet, each with 190 units. There would also be a 170-foot building with 130 units north of the Manhattan Bridge.

You can check out the entire revised plan here at the Empire State Development Corp.'s website. Just click on "Modified General Project Plan" in the upper right hand corner for the PDF.

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