Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Erection in Williamsburg, Pt. I

165 n 10th construction

This pile driver was at 165 N. 10th Street in Williamsburg for a couple, banging away until it moved on to another site a few blocks away. This device is making the round in the neighborhood, because we'd also spotted it parked next to the Roebling Oil Field a couple of months ago. The site in question, which got a mortgage for about $4.5 million back in December from Bank Leumi, will be a six-story number and have 14 apartments. The developer is the Kiska Group, which also did the building behind this new one on N. 11th Street. The architect is Gene Kaufman who also did the N. 11th Street building. The rendering is below. We think the building has a very 1990s Berlin kind of feel to it, and hope the rendering makes the structure look more hideous than it will really turn out to be. The N. 11th Street building also had a really frightening rendering on the Kiska website, but in reality, is not that bad, especially compared to other new construction in the hood. Except for the view of the new parking lot full of trucks across the street, but that's not an issue of building design.

165 n 10th
Rendering of the new 165 N. 10th

N 11th Street
The new building on N. 11th


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Whats with the architecture in Williamsburg? We should protest such contamination

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