Thursday, February 01, 2007

Are Thor Equities & Developer Joe Sitt Making Friends in Red Hook?

Revere Demolition Brick

The scorched earth-style tear down of the Revere Sugar Plant in Red Hook, which began without any consultation with or warning to the community, and which followed vague promises to possibly preserve structures on the site, is not necessarily making friends in Red Hook. (Although it does not seem to have led to the level of community debate that firm's Coney Island demolitions and plans have.) While it should be noted that there is support for redeveloping the site and for projects that would create jobs, some residents are apparently peeved about both the total nature of the demolition and lack of community consultation. One longstanding resident emailed us to say:
I'm stunned they're knocking down the brick walls from buildings mimicking the Beard Street Pier. Does anyone know if these philistines are going to level the whole lot? Will anything remain?
The developer--Joe Sitt and his firm Thor Equities--have not put forward any plan for the site, which will require rezoning for any commercial, residential or mixed use development. Here are two fairly predictions based on rumblings we hear: First, Mr. Sitt's redevelopment plan could meet with residual community resistance from residents smarting from the loss of a structure that some felt should be preserved and, second, if Mr. Sitt & Thor encounter any problems gaining city approval, it's likely that some in Red Hook won't be lining up to encourage the city to act fast.

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