Sunday, February 04, 2007

Beer Business Bites Dust at Third and Wyckoff

b-s sign

We were surprised when a new beverage store opened last year in the Boerum Hill/Gowanus hinterlands at Third Avenue and Wyckoff, adjacent to Wyckoff Gardens. When the storefront was renovated and we saw the big windows, we actually thought it was going to be an American Apparel or something similar. Turned out it was a business called Beer & Soda Warehouse, but it didn't last long. A GL reader writes:
The beverage store on Wyckoff and 3rd Ave has just closed down only after opening a few months ago in the late spring/early summer. I thought it was kind of dumb to open a beer store in that spot. But now it's going to be down further, past Gowanus... I can only wonder who will move in next... Perhaps American Apparel.
Which gets us back to the big American Apparel-looking windows. In any case, as you can see, B&SW is moving far, far way to Sunset Park.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They were too close to some long time beer/soda distributors ... American Beer on Court Street, and another one closer to Atlantic.
Only market there was for 'forties anyway. Never saw anyone in there.

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