Monday, February 05, 2007

Coney Island Death Watch: Early Demolition Porn


If you thought it was cold where you were this weekend, you should have checked out how cold it felt in Coney Island, southern Brooklyn's future "year-round" destination. We went to get some photos of the demolition work that has started on several properties where tenants were evicted at the end of last year by Thor Equities. While one might, or might not mourn, Go-Cart Tracks, Batting Cages and Miniature Golf, the demolitions portend a period of increased vacancy in Coney Island.

One of two things will happen to Coney Island by 2008: (A). It will become a huge construction site as a $1.5 billion makeover gets underway or (B). Wonder Wheel Park will be one of the only things left standing if developer Joe Sitt does not get the zoning changes that he wants and bails out on his project or engages in a protected test of wills with the Coney Island Development Corporation that lengthens the timetable for the project. To see the full flickr demolition photoset click here and to see the slideshow of Coney Island demolition porn, click here.







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