Sunday, February 04, 2007

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: I Farted Up the R Train. Sorry.

It's Sunday, which brings us to the whacky, wonderful and sometimes touching world of Craigslist Missed Connections (from Brooklyn). This week's selection isn't a Missed Connection per se, in the sense that the writer's trying to hook up with someone. But, we're featuring it because, well, we almost pissed ourselves while reading it:
I Never Got To Say That I'm Sorry - 26

I am so sorry that all of you had to put up with awful smells on R train that pulled into the 95th Street Station around 6PM last night. More specifically, the second to the last car, and especially to the two young Russian woman that I believe were mentioning how much the subway car smelled in Russian. I'm not certain about that since I don't speak Russian, but your body languages was telling me that you both knew. It wasn't that I didn't like any of you on that train and wanted you all to suffer, if was more so that I just couldn't hold all of my gas in.

Please don't think that I do that all of time in enclosed public spaces, cause I don't. Yesterday was an off day due to the fact that the men's room door on my floor has been broken for the past five days, which has caused the door to be left wide open so that nobody gets stuck inside the bathroom, and I feel as though I can't relax enough in there to take care of my business while the door is wide open - especially noisy business.

Anyways, I should get going. Just wanted to send out my apologies. I hope that you all got it.
Honorable Mention:
miserable morning train ride made better - w4m - 25


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I'm glad to see that people enjoyed my MC post, and the bathroom door has since been fixed.

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