Sunday, February 04, 2007

Excellent Coney Island Short

We've this in our holding pattern for a while, and what better day to post it than one when it's 18 degrees outside as we sit with our laptop? In any case, here's a great Coney Island vid called Coney Island USA posted up at My Space. The producer, the Coney Island Project, describes it as follows: "A down and out carnival hustler struggles to survive over the course of a slow summer in a changing Coney Island." It's very done, has excellent Coney scenery and, in about five years, will probably look like a period piece. Definitely worth watching by clicking here or on the embed below. All props, by the way, to Made_in_Coney78 at the C.I. Message Board for bringing to everyone's attention.
Coney Island, USA



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