Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fifth Avenue Supportive Housing Fight Moves to Next Phase

About 50 people turned out for a community meeting at which the Fifth Avenue Committee's proposal for a "supportive housing" development with 49 apartments at Fifth Avenue and 16th Street was discussed. Residents are asking for more time to digest information and to learn more before the public decision making process goes forward. Aaron Brashear of Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights, and a member of Community Board 7, has written to Borough President Marty Markowitz, who hwas schedule a public hearing before the Community Board's vote. He writes:
On behalf of our community group, I would like to respectfully request that you postpone the upcoming public hearing 02/20/07 to a later date to give the surrounding community, and Community Board 7, more time to ask questions of the Fifth Avenue Committee and fully vet the HPD/FAC proposal for 575 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

We had a very positive turn our at our joint community group meeting along with the South Park Slope Community Group. FAC and HPD did a very good job in dispelling some of the myths about "sustainable housing," but many questions came from the community that we feel still need to be addressed. Time is needed for this to occur. Our community groups may want to convene again to discuss our concerns and ideas further and many neighbors expressed interest in touring FAC's Warren St. facility. Again, this requires additional time.
Reaction from the community about the facility has been quite mixed. Questions range from making sure that sex offenders and others won't live in the development to losing the municipal parking lot on which it would be built. Many questions, however, are about the way the city has "fast tracked" the project and the transfer of the property to the Fifth Avenue Committee for a symbolic sum. Community Board 7 is having a public hearing tonight (2/15) at 6:30 at St. Michael's-Emmanuel Church on Prospect Avenue. The Borough President has scheduled his public hearing on February 20, before the CB7 vote, which occurs on February 21.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The community is not aware of what is going on everytime the neighborhood gets better you and many organizations try to bring it down by putting up clinics and shelters and remember there are children and schools in the area we dont need sex offenders and drugs in our neihborhood.I am againts this plan you guys F.A.C. want to jump the gun to fast and you guys get paid very well it seems like you have a very good script and an answer to every question people need to be aware of this project.A homeless person in queens just recently raped a 15 year old girl you think we want to take any chances like this I dont think so I believe that this needs to be stopped ASAP.

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