Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Prospect Park Tidbits: Third Street Playground to Be Overhauled

Prospect Park Map w Arrows

Not to overdo the Prospect Park information this week, but we have a couple of more tidbits of information from Prospect Park Alliance President Tupper Thomas's presentation to the Park Slope Civic Council, one of which will reverberate with the Park Slope stroller set, even if it doesn't cause the same controversy as the Park Slope Barnes & Noble sroller ban:

1) The Third Street Playground is closing for renovations this spring. The playground apparently has some drainage and water issues (we don't know this personally, but we're certain there are plenty of Park Slope parents that can vouch for it) that need to be taken of, so it will be restored and renovated. The $500K fix will start in late spring, which means the playground will be out of action during the summer months. Get ready to take those strollers over to the Ninth Street Playground.

2) On a totally different front, the beautiful, yet notorious, Vale of Cashmere, might be closed for a while for a redesign, Ms. Thomas said. The purpose of the work would be two-fold--to do some needed renovation work and to try to discourage activity that "is not park-like." The thought is that closing it for a time could change the nature of activity in the area. The Vale of Cashmere is known as the site of public sexual encounters and has been the site of attacks on gay men and even a killing last year.

3) A comprehensive planning process for the park is getting under way. Attention in coming years is going to focus on the Flatbush Avenue side of the park, which Ms. Thomas calls "an enormous embarassment...an awful way to see the park."


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