Friday, February 16, 2007

Sunset Park Tower of 42nd Street Continues Raising Concerns

There's a nice new rundown on the fight over that ten-story building on 42nd Street in Sunset Park that has made YouTube (that's the vid from a couple of weeks ago, here) and gotten unwanted attention from the city. Residents are upset about it because it will tower over its three-story neighbors and interfere with views from Sunset Park itself. They also say the building could be the wave of the future since downzonings of Park Slope and Bay Ridge in 2005 banned tall buildings from side streets. The city hasn't downzoned Sunset Park yet, so it could be a natural target for developers looking to go tall (for residential Brooklyn neighborhoods). The article calls the buildings "the latest flashpoint in the neighborhood’s ongoing battle against what some residents call 'over-development.' Some locals say it looks like a luxury condominium tower is going up — and it’ll block the view of the harbor, and alluring sunsets, that earned the area its name." There's currently a stop work order on the property because a Department of Buildings audit of plans concluded the building doesn't comply with building and zoning regulations for the neighborhood. It's a good bet the fight will go on for quite a while.

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