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Bond Street Residents Unhappy About Toll Brothers Project

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It's taken us a while to get around to this, but the newish local blog Found in Brooklyn offered a rundown of the community meeting in Gowanus to talk about the possible Toll Brothers development in the neighborhood. Found writes:
The main concern amongst other things was about how a developer wants to build 400 units in a high rise building right smack across the street from our little strip of buildings on Bond Street between 1rst & 2nd Streets. Traffic, parking & sewage problems seemed to be the main cause of concern. What gets me is our neighborhood is losing basic services everyday. We don't even have a local supermarket anymore and fuhgettabout Carroll Gardens ever getting a Post Office! ! I don't know how the elderly in this neighborhood manage. I suppose Fresh Direct will make a killing (more than they are already) or IF this thing comes to fruition, Whole Foods will be up and running and all the wealthy organic food eaters will never know the difference.

I really don't want this to happen. I have lived on Bond Street for almost fifteen years. There is talk that my building will be knocked down. I miss the old Brooklyn. I'd rather live with the famous Bond Street wild dog packs than people who can spend a million on an apartment.
Seems like all of Brooklyn vaunted packs of wild dogs are no more.


Blogger dalton said...

Believe it or not, roaming packs of wild dogs really are worse than yuppies. The person who said that is either a) exaggerating, or b) an idiot.

I'm no fan of the hideous development going on over on Carroll St. or Bond St., myself, but it's going to happen, and we need to get used to it. The best we can hope for is to get the community and developers talking, and come to some sort of agreement over things like parking and sewer upgrades, otherwise living on the Gowanus is going to become a double-parked, shit-strewn mess.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toll Brothers is getting whacked in its core business- lux single family homes in the these guys who have never dev condos in very urban areas think they are gonna cash in on 500-$1million condo for the supposed banket set who want to live the boho artist life? Toll is gonna get fu*ked in BK, as Williamsburg they have built next to brownfields (bayside oil) and perhaps on top and down the street from Radiac. The people they want to sell to don't also realize that they can't get on the L train to get to their jobs that pay the mortgage, they don't have a grocery store, more important they have a shabby hospitals, bad schools, only 1 private school and its full, and a host of air pollution and other health risks....They may buy them but by the time they go to sell alot more people will know about problems. RedHook, basically same issues but not even a walkable subway...The manhattan type lux buyers would hve better services/infrastructure in Jersey City and be closer to all the scene shit they love. Maybe they believe the BS that Redhook is getting a trolly very soon to ferry them from lux condo to the outdoor subway stop at Smith St...oh they are gonna freeze their ass off waiting for the F train in the winter....Toll brother must want to burn $$???

11:07 AM  

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