Monday, March 26, 2007

Brooklyn Nibbles: Greenpoint Edition

O sole mio crop

[Photo courtesy of Miss Heather]

A couple of notes from the food, libation and retail scene in Greenpoint:

1) O Sole Mio Café has opened its doors at Manhattan Avenue and Green Street in Greenpoint. It is operated by the owner of Triangolo Pizza, which is across the street. Our Greenpoint correspondent--who is a tough customer when it comes to cafes in the neighborhoods--likes this one. She writes that "O Sole Mio does indeed serve coffee. They also have a gelato bar and serve Italian pastries. These pastries are made by a gentleman named Nick, a first generation Sicilian, who also happens to work at Triangolos...All the previous have made me re-think my opinion(s) about this business. A gelato bar is a nice addition to the ‘hood, and if Nick is making those pastries they’re probably damned good. They seem to be doing a nice little bit of business." GL couldn't ask for a better endorsement.

2) We're almost afraid to ask this question, but is Franklin Street going to become Greenpoint's Bedford Avenue? Regardless, multiple new business are opening in the Hood and three of them have started their own new blog, called Shop Franklin. (We don't know if they intend to update it much, and there's only one entry, but it's a great idea and also speaks to a sense of community that's pretty cool.) Alter is a fashion and accessories shop at 109 Franklin, which has its own very busy blog. Dalaga is a super cool looking boutique at 150 Franklin. And, Zoe's Beauty Products is a salon and spa at 119 Greenpoint Avenue. We're also told that an Irish pub is about to open at 130 Franklin.


Blogger Matthew said...

I am rather bummed about some of the recent openings on Franklin. On one hand, I am thrilled to see it turning back into a commercial strip and be dominated by independent businesses, but I can help feeling rather put off by all these little boutique shops that clearly cater to an upper strata and sell goods that, for the most part, are far from essentials. The worst of all is the new luxory hand bag store, hayden-harnett, that opened just yesterday on franklin (and freeman, I believe, give them a google if your curious).

Now I am not saying that I would rather the street remain dead, nor resemble Manhattan avenue, but how about some ever so desperately needed dinner joints? Or just a bit more variety in new openings. I would just hate to see Franklin turn into a fancy shopping street. Never-the-less, I will continue to be excited everytime I see them working on one of those long-abandoned storefronts and will no doubt drop by whenever a new place pops up.

11:39 AM  
Blogger kathy said...

Actually the new shops don't cater to an upper strata, aside from hayden harnett, the other shops are really affordable. Have you been in them yet? Check em out. Zoe's, Alter, Word, Dalaga.. the prices are actually great! Theyre not thrift store prices but extremely affordable. I've actually heard people say "you guys should charge more money for this stuff." As for restaurants, There's a French bistro opening next to coco66, and another restaurant opening up on Greenpoint ave in the center of the block on Zoe's side of the street..I don't know what kind of food they'll serve. OH! and camille, the owner of Paloma's going to be on Top Chef on Bravo! Zoe's is also moving their Salon and spa to Franklin near Alter. The greenpoint ave location will remain a full beauty supply. Don't worry more restaurants will come. The new openings DO have variety...

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live on Green Street near Manhattan Avenue and I beg to differ about the new cafe. I usually patronize independant business (fu*k STARBUCKS!!, but I tried O Sole Mio's coffee couple of times and it was TERRIBLE, just a step above the Deli coffee across the street from it. I much prefer the more authentic and original look and blend of the Colombian folks at Cafecito Bogota which happens to be across the street as well. I religiously pick up my morning coffee from Cafecito, the people are very friendly, the place is very nice and they have a unique menu.

3:55 PM  

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