Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Brooklyn Nibbles: Special Bubby's Edition

We had dinner at Bubby's in Dumbo on Friday night. The first thing we noticed was the big, cash-only sign on the door. The second thing was that the menu had shrunk to a shadow of its former self. And the other was the "We are Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the check." Not knowing how long all this had been the case, we didn't do a post on it. Yesterday, the Brooklyn Record--which was not asleep at the switch and sensed an interesting story--reported on it, wondering if Bubby's was in trouble. Today, Dumbo NYC reports on its discussion with Bubby's owner, who said that they're having problems handling the large space during the week and had a difficult winter. He tells Dumbo NYC that:
I believe that DUMBO-Bubby’s will grow as DUMBO grows, and as people know that you can have a great time, eat good home cooking, and feel comfortable bringing your kids, your grandma, your congressman, or your new bride. Now that spring is here, Bubby’s in DUMBO is doing much better; it was a rough winter. We will continue doing our best, and I welcome any dialogue.
We hope they can tough it out, because their population base in Dumbo is about to expand dramatically. We have a soft spot for Bubby's, having wandered in there on its opening night several years ago, and having had countless dinners there. It's one of those Brooklyn spots we like to head over to after a long week for a no BS meal. The thought that it might not make it saddened us.


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