Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Brooklyn Nibbles: Williamsburg Edition

Amazon Cafe

1) Amazon Cafe, which is an outpost of the chain, is now open at 236 N. 12th Street. We talked to the owner on Sunday who said it had been open about a week. The lighting looks a little more subdued than the Smith Street branch, which is too bright (and is also in the really nice space--now carved up--that used to house Halcyon). Given that the area on this side of McCarren Park has no place to grab some quick food or a drink, it's a welcome option.

2) On the retail front, Shoe Market has opened on N. 6th Street on the site of a former flea market. Talk about changing retail conditions. The new shop has some very cool shoes--a lot of Terra and some very cool Keds--some of which are surprisingly reasonable in price, while others tend toward the upper end of the price range. In any case, it's comfortable and inviting looking, if very unlike the spot it replaced.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where on N. 6th is Shoe Market?

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you got your info wrong. The shoe market didn't go into the space where the flea market is. the flea market. "arists and fleas," is still across the street and down a bit. nothing was in the shoe market space before...i think it's a recently built one-story building, or it didn't have anything in it for a long time.

and the shoe market is great because there really isn't a reasonably priced shoe store anywhere in the area that caters to both men and women with a decent selection.

5:02 PM  

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