Thursday, March 29, 2007

Brooklyn Water #1: How's the Gowanus Doing?

Gowanus Dirty

Is it GL's imagination or is the water quality in the Gowanus Canal getting worse? It seems like every time we cross South Brooklyn's Grand Canal there's more oil on the surface and more garbage floating around. Again, it could just be that we notice it more on certain days, and we realize that everything is relative and that compared to, say, 1982, the Big G is like a swimming pool.

On that note, we'll point out that the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, whose existence we cheer and for whose effectiveness we pray, is hosting the third of its "Water Quality Summits" tonight (3/29). The session is "A Green District in Gowanus?" Peter Washburn (New York City Council) will discuss creating "green" developments and describe the incentives and policies used to promote green development and infrastructure in New York City. Dr. Franco Montalto (eDesign and Gowanus Canal CDC Board member) will discuss combined sewage overflow (CSO) events on the canal and possible modeling methods to improve conditions. Larry Fabbroni (Ehrenkrantz Eckstutu & Kuhn Architects) and Dr. Richard Plunz (Columbia University) will discuss green district planning policies that can be used to improve water quality in the Gowanus Canal. The session will also include student proposals for sites along the canal, as well as some of the recommendations included in the Gowanus Canal Comprehensive Community Plan recently released by the Gowanus Canal CDC. The session runs from 6:30PM-9:00PM at Polytechnic University, Dibner Library, Room LC 400; 333 Jay Street, Brooklyn.

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