Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crazed at the Kensington Post Office

Yesterday Jotham Sederstrom at the Daily News wrote about a YouTube video showing a customer going (verbally) berserk at the post office in Kensington. We didn't see it because the News' "new and improved" website seems to have developed a delay in posting "Boroughs" articles and the new format makes it hard to find things. In any case, Ben Smith blogged about it and sent out an email. He writes:
There's really nowhere, with the possible exception of the INS offices, where civil servants treat you worse than the miserable Kensington Post Office.

It's actually been a simmering political issue in Brooklyn for years, and Jotham Sederstrom turned up this classic video of a guy going nuts. Yes, he appears to be insane...but honestly I've been on the brink of that condition in that post office.

Mr. Sederstrom's article is worth reading and the vid is priceless, if disturbing. There's no indication what set the guy off, and he's clearly a little on the crazed, if not insane, side. He keeps screaming "I'm the customer" and becomes very verbally abusive. The vid ends with the cops showing up. We're especially interested given that we posted a couple of items that drew a number of comments last week about postal service in Boerum Hill and because the Kensington branch has drawn ire in the past. In any case, if you watch it, be warned that the guy gets kind of foul.