Tuesday, March 20, 2007

GL Construction Site Du Jour: 128 Dupont Street

128 Dupont Streetx500

We dump on a lot of construction sites for having crappy fences that pretty much allow access inside to anyone that wants to get in, particularly during the demolition phase when the developer isn't trying to protect anything. (As opposed to the site with the insane dog inside that we strolled past this weekend in Greenpoint.) In any case, we bring you 128 Dupont Street courtesy of Miss Heather, AKA the Dog Shit Queen of Greenpoint, who emailed this one. We're featuring not because it's lousy, but because it's solid. Notice all the extra bolts and nails and the solid construction. Seriously. Also, we dig the artwork that's been applied. 128 Dupont Street, we salute you, at least for your fence.


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