Wednesday, March 21, 2007

GL's Construction Site Du Jour: 346 Lorimer

Lorimer Street Crates and Permits

Today's excellent construction site--which we have to say is one of the saddest bits of fencing in a borough full of them--comes to use from Lorimer and Montrose Avenue in Bushwick East Williamsburg. Our tireless and roving correspondent writes:
I think this one is hands down the WORST one I have ever seen. Seriously...Note the red crates: some dude was stacking them up against a section of the fence to prop it up. Brilliant!
It's hard to know where to begin with these photos. Should we point out the fact that all the permits have rotted from the fencing? Or those super nice red crates that workers have stacked against the falling boards to prop them up? Hmmm. Our advice: cross the street, especially on breezy days, because you never know when this baby is coming down.

BONUS QUESTION: If we can find this stuff, why can't the Department of Buildings? One might accuse us of being super picky, but the sad state of a lot of building sites seems to suggest some, um, shortcomings in a critical city agency. On the other hand, what's a cruddy fence compared to construction that nearly collapses people's homes and "stop work orders" that are routinely violated with impunity?

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Lorimer Street Side


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