Wednesday, March 28, 2007

GL's Construction Site Du Jour: Green Living on N. 6th

Urban Green One

The construction site on N. 6th Street, which we've previously called Williamsburg's Big Hole, because it's so deep and so big, has given us another gift. We've previously featured it when part of the fence fell over and opened the site up to people that like deep holes and the chance to fall 20 feet from the sidewalk into one. Now, we've found that the gate is locked but so flimsy that anyone can get in: unsupervised children, wasted hipsters, adventurous neighborhood grandmas out for a walk or romping dogs. (Okay, you've got to be hipster thin to get through comfortably, but even those with a couple of extra pounds of padding can squeeze in.) The site belongs to the development that will be known as Urban Green, although we're thinking of calling it the Big Urban Hole You Can Play In or Get Hurt In If You're Drunk the Way People Tend to Be on N. 6th Street at Night. In case you wonder how Urban Green was doing a couple of months ago when its fence fell over, you can check it out here. Meantime, answer us this: If you get killed in a big construction pit that will become a green building, is it an environmentally-friendly death and, therefore, you know, green? The sales office across the street, by the way, looks like it should be open soon.

Urban Green Two


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