Thursday, March 01, 2007

Go Blight Yourself: Bedford Avenue Site Looks Great

Quadriad Skeleton One

So, what's going on with the building at N. 4th Street and Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg? Heck if we know, but it was been undergoing a laborious manual demolition for a long time. The skeleton of the old building has been sitting like this for months with little going on other than the construction fence falling open from time to time and opening up the entire site to the public. A number of the permits on the site are due to expire in May. The ugly site blighting Bedford Avenue is partly owned by Quadriad Development, which wants to throw up a significant number of very tall buildings in parts of Williamsburg that were downzoned when the waterfront was upzoned for highrises. The only thing we know for certain is that the demolition started nearly a year. The small building adjacent to the skeleton is still in use.

Quadriad Skeleton Two

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UPDATE: The partly demolished building is not owned by Quadriad, which is said to still be trying to acquire it. For the time being, we are told they are pursuing development plans on the part of the parcel the do own, which is the half that has been cleared. A formal presentation of their plans, with updated information is planned for March 13. We understand the buildings are still very tall.


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