Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hey, We Know That Truck

Williamsburg Purple Truck

We've seen and taken plenty of photos of this truck on the street in Williamsburg, never knowing that people were living in it. At least, until today's story in the daily news. It's been parked in the new parking lot at N. 12th and Bedford since it opened last month. Here's some of the Daily News detail:
Look no further than the purple 1953 bread truck parked on the corner of N. 12th St. and Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Dance photographer Angel Hess and his girlfriend have been living in the vintage Ford since the fall.

"I always wanted to own a house," the 28-year-old said. "But I can't because I don't have any credit."

After living in Manhattan for two years, Hess, 28, was so sick of paying for crummy rented rooms he decided that radical change was in order.

Last summer, he spotted the truck on eBay, made a winning bid of $2,500 and hopped a plane to California to pick it up.

He'd never driven a stick and the truck's top speed is 40 mph, but he decided to bring it back to the city and make it his home.

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