Saturday, March 03, 2007

Interesting Pier Ideas: Perfect for Brooklyn?

Pier Ideas

With a possible new pier having been mentioned in terms of Coney Island's future and Brooklyn being prime pier territory with all its waterfront space, we found this post on "The Piers of the Future" very interesting. It's on The Cool Hunter, very interesting. You can see the visual above. Cool Hunter writes:
Piers are timeless landmarks of many oceanfront metropolises, as they embody paradise on the edge of civilization. Gaining popularity early in the 1900's, piers resembling scaled down versions of Coney Island were erected in coastal cities around the world. People of all ages were drawn in by the glowing aura of their attractions, the aroma of fried cuisine, as well as the sounds of mechanical rides and the adjacent ocean. Alas, the evolution of modern theme parks has ostracized pleasure piers into a realm filled with the nostalgic relics of our past.
Very cool stuff.



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