Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kensington Has a New Blog

We love hearing about new Brooklyn blogs. Last week alone, we noted three of them. Turns out there is also a wonderful new blog being produced out of Kensington--called Kensington (Brooklyn)--that is, so far, keeping up a good posting schedule with lots of valuable information about the neighborhood. Some early entries include items about a neighborhood "wish list," new developments in the area, something a little scary-sounding called the Kensington Action Force and a lot more. The blogger's first post defines the neighborhood, noting that its definition by real estate agents has become more expansive of late:
Although the brokers as of late have extended the borders of Kensington considerably the true area is as follows.... bordered by Coney Island Ave. to the east, Caton Ave. to the north, McDonald Ave. to the west, and Ditmas Ave. to the south. The 'hoods that border Kensington are Ditmas Park and Prospect Park South to the east, Windsor Terrace to the north, Borough Park to the west, and Parkville to the south.
We look forward to keeping tabs on Kensington from here on out.


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