Wednesday, March 07, 2007

No Zipcars in Clinton Hill, but Williamsburg Now Has Them

There may not be any Zipcars in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, but yesterday the company trumpeted its expansion into Williamsburg. Its press release says that it will help "alleviate the growing parking and traffic challenges in the rapidly developing neighborhood." Also, the company plans to double its Brooklyn fleet and bring about 150 cars here by year's end. (Ray of hope for Fort Greene & Clinton Hill?)

Zipcar is "immediately bringing eight vehicles to South 9th Street at Kent Avenue, with plans to rapidly increase the Williamsburg fleet by the end of the year. The Williamsburg fleet will include a range of self-service Zipcars, including a Ford Escape, Volkswagen Rabbit, and a Volvo S-40 and will be immediately available to all Zipcar resident and business members for reservation by the hour or day for trips where public transportation is not an option." The Zipcar release continues:
Before even launching its vehicles, Zipcar has already attracted 500 members that are residents of Williamsburg and estimates thousands of residents will become members of the service. "We are expanding into the neighborhood to fill a vastly unmet need for transportation alternatives," said Julian Espiritu, Regional VP of Zipcar in New York. "With few subway stations nearby and substantial parking issues, transportation in and out of Manhattan is a challenge for residents and businesses in Williamsburg. Zipcar will provide an easy, convenient, and affordable option for travel."
Zip. Zip. Zip.


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