Saturday, March 03, 2007

Red Hook: Slowly Sinking?

Among the more interesting things about Red Hook that we haven't gotten around to noticing because we've been so fixated on the Revere Dome being reduced to a Cylinder on its way to being reduced to total nothingness, is the fact there's some, uh, sinkage in the hood. It's not much in the sense that, say, Venice is really sinking, but it is sinking. The image and the news come from Amy's New York Notebook. The sinkage was noted almost as an aside in a Carroll Gardens Courier story which quoted an engineers saying of Columbia Street: "That soil just isn't as firm as the rest of the city. As we work by those homes we are looking to see if there is settlement of the soil." Of the waterfront sinkage, Amy wrote:
As you walk out toward the Warerfront Museum and that new park, there's been a section along the water blocked off by a fence. You could see there was some sinkage going on, but it's obviously gotten way worse during the winter. The fence is actually half way under water now.
All this leads the Brooklyn Record to ask, " Is Red Hook sinking?" which is a very good question, indeed.


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