Thursday, March 29, 2007

Red Hook Update: Street Art Rescued!

Beard Street Wall 500

After we posted our item yesterday about the street art on the shed on Beard Street in Red Hook that was about to be obliterated by demolition of the Revere Sugar Plant, our special neighborhood correspondent reported some happy news. The art was "rescued" by a neighborhood resident "hours before the Blue Monster of Red Hook could devour it." The art--which had taken a beating from the weather and from people taking some of the panels that made up the display--will "reappear in a new location," possibly even in an actual exhibit space "in the not too distant future." (The photo above shows the wall about a year ago when it was in better shape than today. For a panorama of the wall as it appeared this weekend, before the art was rescued, click here) We're wondering if the art might be part of a broader exhibit of photos and other work related to the demolition of the plant that played such a large role in the neighborhood and defined its skyline for generations. If not, it'd sure make a good show somewhere. Hint. Hint.

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