Monday, March 26, 2007

Williamsburg Gets Banged: Big Pile Driver Moves On

Empire Pile

Want to know what building is going up next in Williamsburg? Follow the Big Pile Driver That Bangs the Burg. We spotted it yesterday, ready to move on from N. 8th and Roebling where it's been banging away at the site of the former Tribeca Bakery and future Karl Fischer-designed condo. (There's been a stop work order taped to the signage outside and a it's leaving behind a forest of undriven piles, but we're told the big Empire Pile crane has been banging away, shaking buildings a couple of blocks away, so maybe its work is done.) We've previously observed it banging another site on N. 10th Street and at the Roebling Oil Field. We're guessing it could be headed back to N. 11th across the street from our oily old friend, but since this thing will bang just about anything, who knows what it will bang next. Okay, time to stop with the sophomoric double entendres other than to say: If you spot it banging anything, let us know. Like Where's Waldo, but easy to find as it's several stories tall and patriotic in appearance.


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