Monday, April 23, 2007

Boreum Hill Plea: Please God, I Want My New Yorker On Mondays

Last time we checked on the quality of postal service in Boreum Hill, there were problems. Apparently, nothing has improved in the interim, according to this email we saw, especially if you like reading your New Yorker:
I know there have been lots of discussions on these lists about bad post office service. I am tired of getting my New Yorker magazine on Friday instead of Monday and a couple of days last week no one in my building got any mail delivered (something that would never happen and never twice in a row!). I would like to make a complaint to the manager over there but can't seem to find a phone number. Even Community Board 6 had a number that was disconnected!
On a brighter note, the postal office in Kensington, which has pushed people completely over the edge, might be getting a touch better.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is quite funny that I read this. i live a block away and dread anytime that I have to go to the Times Plaza office. Terrible service! Terrible employee attitudes and always long lines! I am always polite though...not sure if that even works! Something has to be done about this.

10:05 PM  

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