Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brooklyn Subway #2: Excuse Me, How About The F'ing F Train?

Does your day begin and/or end with the F Train? The other day, the Kensington Brooklyn blog mentioned that F Train service kind of sucks and solicited opinions on same, noting that something called the Culver Viaduct Rehabilitation is due to begin later this year. In any case, ee're certain that many people will be offering opinions about it, as subway service and postal service are two things guaranteed to elicit a response from most Brooklynites. (That and the B61, if you're one of the ones blessed with having to depend on it.) Regardless this is all an exceptionally long-winded way of sharing the following exchange, which we witnessed during a recent morning rush hour commute, between Bergen Street and Jay Street-Borough Hall:
Woman Near Door: You didn't say excuse me.
Woman That Just Entered: Excuse me?
WND: You did not say excuse me.
WND: You bumped into me.
WTJE: I brushed you.
WND: You got to say excuse me.
WTJE: Whatever.
WND: Your mother didn't raise you with manners.
(Nearby passengers were now rolling eyes, making rare, meaningful eye contact with each other.)
Guy Nearby to Girlfriend: Excuse me.
Girlfriend: Sorry.
WND: See, they said excuse me.
WTJE: You expect everyone in New York City to say excuse me?
WND: Yes, I do.
WTJE: We're in the middle of New York City. You can't excuse me to everybody.
WND: I do.
Guy Near Door: Come on, now.
WND: You mind your own business.
GND: But it's early in the morning.
WND: I don't care. She didn't say excuse me.
At least the train was on time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey-- I was standing right by the door when this went down! It was really funny, especially when the guy by the door was desperately trying to talk to the young girl who walked in.

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I was there too!

I recognize you!

9:43 PM  

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