Monday, April 02, 2007

Coney Reopens: Pictures & Words

[Opening Day Cyclone photo courtesy of akinloch/flickr]

Of yesterday's Coney opening, Jake Dobkin wrote on Bluejake that "It was cold and windy down in Coney Island today, with a slight mist of rain. The weather kept most of the people away, and except for reporters, amusement park workers, and a few die hard fans, the place was empty. That feels appropriate, given that this year is Coney Island's last before redevelopment. At the end of the season, Astroland will close forever, and a Disneyfied amusement park will begin rising in its place. I'm not completely against that-- certainly the beat-up beat-down Coney Island hasn't been any great shakes for Brooklyn over the last twenty years. But of course, like most people who grew up in the borough, I'll miss the old version-- it's hard to see places you care about change."



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