Thursday, April 12, 2007

Duffield Street Underground Railroad Houses Redux

Duffield Street HouseCouncil Member Letitia James' Chief of Staff posted a comment on our item about the Daily Gotham's suggestion that City Council Members were trying to quash public debate about the future of the Underground Railroad Houses on Duffield Street in Downtown Brooklyn. It's an important issue, and we think what Kate Suisman has to say is important. She wrote that the reason for the postponement was "so that community groups, preservationists, historians, the homeowners in question, and others have a chance to read the 500+ page document on Duffield Street and its history released last month. This was done to allow for MORE public input, not less. There is not waffling nor anything untoward going on." You can find the lengthy and very controversial consultant's report here. For some very interesting analysis of the Duffield Street issue, click over to this item on No Land Grab, which has been very on top of things.

In more Duffield Street news, Rep. Yvette Clarke has written a letter in support of preserving the homes. Rep. Clarke writes "The preservation of the Duffield and Gold Street blocks for historical purposes would benefit Downtown Brooklyn's further developmentā€¦Preserving the Abolitionist homes on Duffield and Gold Street is simply the right thing to do."

There is a chance that hearings could still be rescheduled for April 17. Stay tuned.


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