Saturday, April 07, 2007

GL Construction Site Du Jour: 128 Dupont Street Update

128 Dupont Streetx500

[Photo courtesy of Miss Heather]

We expect to get nasty emails about our problematic construction site feature, but not a thank you note. That, however, is exactly what we got from an artist named RENE iATABA, and in a very sincere way. Turns out the creator of the fence pictured here at 128 Dupont Street, which we posted about a couple of weeks ago, has put a lot of effort into the fence. She writes:
I want to thank you for placing my fence in your blog. I paid a lot of money to have a good fence because I had the intention of painting a mural on it. Unfortunately during the excavation of the foundation the trucks and excavators kept on ruining it.Now that we are on the next step of the construction you will see what I had in mind to do at the beginning. There will be a bridge that have to be built over head with lights underneath, this will give me the opportunity to work until late in the evening. I am building an art gallery/art school for the kids on the block. I hope to have a block party every year and sell the art that the kids in the block produce. Hopefully many more art galleries will follow suit. By the way the panels of the fence will be used as lining for the basement of the building. I used to have a gallery in SoHo and kept 7 murals at street level from 1977 until 1999. You can visit my web-site at--

(After we posted this, Miss Heather sent us the photo below. It turns out that 128 Dupont not only has one of the most solid and nicely decorated fences in North Brooklyn, it also has friendly and courteous construction workers!)

128 Dupont Friendly Worker


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rene is male btw. He has been a soho fixture for quite a long time (decades?), painting "I am the best artist" on anything that stood still for more than 3 hours. Interesting that older generation Soho crowd is also making the move.

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